Petit Pourri x Ando Store

In collaboration with “Ando Stores” from London, a unique online store where stylish and modern children’s wear meets the best quality products and service, I created two unique hand drawn designs.

Even though off-the-shelf fashion is part of our everyday lifestyle, Ando wanted to provide an alternative – so customers could create unique items.
That is one of the reasons we created two one of a kind embroidered iron-on designs, that have been produced in a sustainable way.

We share a love for customising and fashion and so created these beautiful twinning seahorses and also a black poodle, to personalise anything from sweatshirts and tees, to pillowcases! So get yours!

ohlala outfit 1_1


Petit Pourri x Studio Lala

The “Ohlala” iron-on patch is made in collab with Studio Lala, who is very dear to me because we share the same values. Creative female entrepreneur, local brand, unique decorations that help celebrate life’s memorable moments. She creates items that will add a WOW to your party. And she does it HER way, with style and grace.

Together we came up with the OHLALA patch to add a golden sparkle
so your party outfit goes with a bang!

If you want to go fast, go alone
if you want to go far, let’s create together


Petit Pourri x Festlab

Here it is, our most magic design “Live by the sun, love by the moon” – maybe miles apart but always connected by heart.

Two golden iron-on pieces that fit perfectly together.
Twinning to the next level!