A tribute to self expression
” The only thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind. Your story. your vision. So write and draw and build and play and patch away as only you can. Make the rules, only the brave shout out loud.”
Hoe werkt het precies?
Op de borst heb je een zacht velours ontwerp waarop je onze 3D geborduurde, velcro karakters eindeloos kan herpositioneren, net zoals bij een letterboard.
De wit of zwarte karakters bestaan uit alle letters van het alfabet, alle cijfers, 5 tekens (#, @, -, !, ?) en last but not least een “hartjes patch”.
We are eco friendly
Our designs are made from velvet: a soft, velvet fabric with a quirky character.
Moreover, no ink is used, so you do not suffer from irritation in sensitive children’s skin or color loss due to washing. Yay!
We care
Besides kid’s wear with an edge, ecology, ethics and respect are also very important. That is why we use almost exclusively natural fibres (GOTS-certified) that feels soft and comfy. We favour organic fabrics that care for your skin and for the environment. We carry an environmental responsibility towards our planet and the future of our next generation.