Family Bouquet


Just as you have a zodiac sign based on your birth month, you also have your own birth flower full of symbolism. A portrait illustrations made of your family, a deceased loved one or your loved ones based on your birth flowers? I completely customize them to create your family bouquet.

One that blooms forever . where love grows.

I personalize your portrait at the bottom with your names, birth month and if you want a personal quote to cherish forever. Your family moment inspired by love, created into a unique gift.

You will receive your unique portrait digitally by mail. So be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox and spam box. I will send you a high resolution pdf file that you can send to your local or online printer. You can print and frame it for example with Framebridge easily and have it shipped here!

The portrait has a size of 30x40cm but you can have it enlarged or reduced to your choice, as long as you respect the proportions.

Because even the most beautiful words cannot capture it.
The most unique and personal gift ever!

  • *How many people is your family bouquet for?

    Max 9 birth flowers in one bouquet. 4 pers = 95euro, each extra pers = +15euro

    I keep this order when noting your names at the bottom of your family bouquet. If I receive no other wishes from you, I will personalize your portrait with your birth months and corresponding name.

    *person 1

    *Birth month 1

    *person 2

    *Birth month 2

    *person 3

    *Birth month 3

    *person 4

    *Birth month 4

    *person 5

    *Birth month 5

    *person 6

    *Birth month 6

    *persoon 7

    *Birth month 7

    *person 8

    *Birth month 8

    *person 9

    *Birth month 9

    If you would like a personalized phrase at the bottom of your portrait, you may write it here.

    If you would really like to have a sentence but don't have any inspiration right now, I am happy to share some quotes with you :-)

    Where love grows
    For the flower that made us bloom
    Forever and ever
    Rooted in friendship
    A lifetime together in bloom
    Where love is sown, the most beautiful flowers grow
    Where love blooms
    Our flowers grow in many directions but our roots are one
    Strong roots grow beautiful flowers

  • Do you need your family bouquet for a specific date or do you have any remarks? Please note them below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.