Breekmeweek collab Petit Pourri x Uwe Porters


Breek me week
verpulver en ontdooi me
verstrooi en ontplooi me
Maak me week.
Breek me week.

wat begon als wekelijks de week breken en Vlaanderen week maken werd meer en wilde ik – Uwe – graag tot iets tastbaar omtoveren en wie zou dat anders zo goed begrijpen als Sanne.

‘Breekmeweek’ wil zeggen:
Ontdoe me van m’n lagen, van m’n harde korst en schuilplaats, lok me en verzacht me. Laat me week worden, lopend worden. Laat me voelen dat je elke laag wil proeven en dat – zelfs al zijn m’n smaken verrassend – je nooit genoeg hebt.

Pre-order nu je goud, geborduurde strijkontwerp met levering eind juli – begin aug.

Liefs Uwe en Sanne

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Each presented on a gorgeous 600gr thick linen letterpress gift card and will be accompanied by an elegant matching envelope.

“We say it’s handcrafted, but really,
it comes from the heart.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to iron-on a patch. Follow these steps and enjoy your new goodies. First, choose a fabric that resists the heat of the iron. Cotton is ideal, as well as denim. Avoid silk, all the wools including cashmere, synthetic fabrics, and leather.  In case of doubt, take a test by pressing your hot iron on a non-visible part of your garment. If your clothing item is too sensitive to heat, you can stitch the patch.

1. Remove the sticker fixing the patch to the card-back.

2. Warm up your iron at its maximum and heat the fabric before you apply the patch.

3. Place the patch, embroidery facing up, where you wish and cover it with a cotton cloth.

4. Press your iron (do not use steam during application) on the covered patch firmly for about 30 seconds. Wait a few seconds until the fabric has cooled down a little, and check the adhesion by carefully slipping a nail under the rim of the patch. If necessary, start again with a longer heating time.

5. Turn garment inside out, and iron the back of the patch for 30 seconds.

If your patches are properly heat-applied, they will remain fastened to your clothes, even if you clean them regularly at a normal wash temperature (30degrees). Do NOT bleach or tumble dry your garment. If you want to make sure they won’t budge, you can always add two or three discreet little stitches.

For more advice, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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